I need ideas on how to make some extra cash while being a stay at home mom in 6 months…please help!?

My husband and I recently decided that I am going to stay home with our baby after he/she is delivered in 6 months. The only problem…when we looked at our budget, we would really be pushing it to make it with just his salary. I would still really like to stay home during the day do I wouldn’t have to send my child to daycare. Any ideas on how I could make some money working from home?

Work at home job question?

Does anyone know of any jobs at home that require no traveling to someone house or buisness? It’s not that i’m lazy I dont have a drivers license or a car. Its not that i’m under age I’m 20 years old. I am a stay at home mom and lookin for a little extra cash flow for bills. I know legit work at home jobs are few and far between but any help will be greatly appreciated.

I’m currently going through a divorce, with two children. I have been a stay at home mom for ten years?

I am having a difficult time trying to find a job that will pay the bills and also allow me to be there for my kids, I have passed up several opportunities because of this. I just got hired by Aflac insurance as a sales agent. I am really not a sales person, I am just running out of options. Does anyone have any ideas about good jobs for working moms, or any feedback about working for Aflac? Thanks.

I am trying to find an at home job that isn’t going to cost me money. any suggestions?

I am a stay at home mom attending college. I have have time or energy to work a regular job as well at the moment. I want to be able to work from home while taking care of my 9 month old daughter. Please help. Will look at all suggestions.

Can a stay-at-home-mom get disability insurance?

I am 28 years old and became a stay-at-home-mom when I was 22, I worked up until I was a few months pregnant, then tried to become a working mom for 6 months but it didn’t work out for us. Now I am facing a diagnosis of MS, not for sure but its likely. Everything I read says I won’t qualify for disability. Sure cash would be nice, but not necessary, but I WILL need medical care. Medicaid leaves me with a 1700.00 share-of-cost per month, more than HLAF our gross income and we have 3 kids. What the heck will I do to get the medical care I need if I am indded diagnosed with MS? I can’t work, can’t afford daycare and I get sick (with ms symptoms) so often I can’t hold a job. I am terrified I won;t get the care I need. Can anyone offer any advice?
For medicaid I have a 1700.00 share of cost for medicaid, I cannot get insurance because when they pull my records I clearly have something wrong, so I am either denied or given a very high rate we can’t afford. At last check it was over 1000.00 a month for my husband insurance. My last SS statement said I would get like 430.00 a month id disabled, more for the kids… but I haven’t worked since becoming a SAHM.

which do you prefer: working mom or a stay-at-home mom? why?

please answer it carefully and please put your reason for choosing such option…

Stay at home vs. working?

Would you rather not work?
I enjoy staying at home with my children and can’t imagine life without being at home. I wish women could afford to stay at home with their kids. What do you think? Would you rather stay at home with your kids? What do you think about stay-at-home moms vs. working moms?
To “Eli’s Mommy”: I like to know what people are doing and how they feel. Sometimes it’s nice just to know how others are coping. I like people to feel better and know they’re doing the best you can.
To all others: Thanks for telling me what you think. You’re doing an awesome job of being a Mom or Dad, whether you work or not. Keep it up!!!

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